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   - http://​spectrum.ieee.org/​semiconductors/​design/​the-hunt-for-the-kill-switch/​0   - http://​spectrum.ieee.org/​semiconductors/​design/​the-hunt-for-the-kill-switch/​0
   - National trying to scare you http://​www.national.com/​vcm/​NSC_Content/​Files/​en_US/​Milaero/​TrustedFoundryOverview.pdf   - National trying to scare you http://​www.national.com/​vcm/​NSC_Content/​Files/​en_US/​Milaero/​TrustedFoundryOverview.pdf
 +  - "​Stealthy Dopant-Level Hardware Trojans":​ http://​people.umass.edu/​gbecker/​BeckerChes13.pdf
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