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     * Understanding the Intel 4004: [[http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2011/​09/​understanding-intel-4004.html|link]]     * Understanding the Intel 4004: [[http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2011/​09/​understanding-intel-4004.html|link]]
     * William'​s Special Chip 1 (SC1) [[http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2013/​03/​williams-special-chip-1-sc1.html|link]]     * William'​s Special Chip 1 (SC1) [[http://​uvicrec.blogspot.com/​2013/​03/​williams-special-chip-1-sc1.html|link]]
 +    * NMOS IC Reverse Engineering,​ Featuring the YM2151: [[https://​www.wdj-consulting.com/​blog/​nmos-sample.html|link]]
   * Bipolar   * Bipolar
     * "​Reverse-engineering the TL431":​ [[http://​www.righto.com/​2014/​05/​reverse-engineering-tl431-most-common.html|link]]     * "​Reverse-engineering the TL431":​ [[http://​www.righto.com/​2014/​05/​reverse-engineering-tl431-most-common.html|link]]
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